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Jewelry is an integral part of Indian weddings. Indian women love to be decked in jewlery, it is more of a status symbol.

An Indian bride would be decked with various jewelry symbolising various meaning. Intricately designed along with mesmerizing patterns and great colors, the gamut of bridal jewelry trousseau consists of Maangtika, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Bangles, Anklets bring special effects to the bride's gorgeous look.

Considering the wedding as a highly sacred bond, brides take the day as most important as well as showy in their lives and the reason why Jewelry plays a very significant role in Indian culture.

To make the occasion perfect, wedding ladies love to beautify themselves from head to toe with jewelry that, in fact, complements her attire and personality along with graceful looking whereas the people think of jewelry as a means of celebrating the body.

The bridal jewelry displayed in India include, for instance, Maangtika or tiara (used to adorn the centre forehead parting of the bride), Earrings, (available in every imaginable style and color) Nose Ring, (called ‘Nath' in Hindi which consisted of studded ring with a long chain hooked up in the hair) Necklace, (most eye catchy versatile piece of bridal jewelry) Armbands, (worn on the upper part of the arms) Bangles, (symbol of Indian culture and tradition) Waistband, (worn with sarees as well as lehnga) rings, (traditional symbol of matrimony worn by both men and women) Ring bracelet, (the latest trend become popular as bridal wear) and Toe Rings in stunning ornamental designs.

Likewise Anklets, Jhoomar, Haath phool. Mangalsutra, Armlet, Matha Patti are also used for the special occasion.

The jewelry worn by Indian bridal comprise various designs for example bracelets consist; Gold Bracelets, Diamond Bracelets, Steel Bracelets, Precious Stone Bracelets, Silver Bracelets, Pearl Bracelets, while the Earrings; Silver Earrings, Lacquer Earrings, Gold Earrings, Steel Earrings, Precious Stone Earrings, Pearl Earrings, Diamond Earrings, Pendants; Zodiac Pendants, Religious Pendants, Sports Collection, Diamond Pendants, Precious Stone Pendant, Pearl Pendants, Silver Pendants, Steel Pendants, Gold Pendants and the Necklace pieces entail; Diamond Necklaces, Pearl Necklaces, Oxidized Necklaces, Gold Plated Necklaces.

Having with much variety in jewelry choices, brides in different states of India have their own exclusive styles namely the women in south are famous for elaborate temple jewelry, the west for mirror and stones jewelry, the east for beaded jewelry and the north for carvings and designing while the conventional Punjabi family prefer chunky or heavy jewelry with colored stones, the Marwari's and Sindhi's, in general, choose diamonds.

The chudi holding another symbol of Indian wedding jewelry is a set of red bangles presented to the bride from the maternal side of the family whereas the bridegroom also presents the bride with toe rings as a symbol of being married.


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